Sameh Ghobrial

At a young age, Mr. Sam Ghobrial found his passion for the stock market and financial management and at 18 years of age began his first business as a stock broker. Pharmacist Sameh Ghobrial is currently the President. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Medical Health trust, a management company that specializes in recruiting physicians.

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Life of Sameh Ghobrial

Mr. Sameh Ghobrial obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology as well as his Bachelor's of Pharmacy at the German University in Cairo. During his studies, he would travel to Finland and train at Merck pharmaceutical aiding in several research projects specializing in breast cancer treatment and development. Upon completing his studies in February 2010, Mr. sam Ghobrial moved to Canada where he obtained his license to practice as a pharmacist.

Sameh Ghobrial has developed and established several pharmacies across the Greater Toronto Area. Mr. Sam Ghobrial hopes to focus on expanding his healthcare services to other provinces within Canada. He plans to coordinate physician and pharmacy services to outreach several underserviced areas across the country while helping physicians establish and settle permanent facilities.

Sam also continues to invest in several private companies across the country.

He also owns several residential properties across the GTA.

Mr. Ghobrial is planning to expand his ambitions to Egypt and start a chain of pharmacies as well as investing in other construction and real estate projects.

Despite his continuous business ventures, Mr. Ghobrial also understands the importance of health and overall well being. He participates in physical and strength training 3 to 4 times per day in addition to several amateur boxing matches every month.

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